2016 Documented Life

I can hardly believe January will be coming to an end soon! I’ve been working in my unPlanner little by little, and have to admit, it’s been a bit of a struggle. The idea is wonderful! I really love it! I have just been having trouble getting into the groove, the flow, the habit. I … Continue reading 2016 Documented Life


Saturday I had the priviledge to attend Truth Scrap 2016 online with a couple hundred other people! It was hosted by Lain Ehmann and there were six awesome artists participating! From Truthscrap.com; “Truth Scrap is the galaxy’s ONLY online, live virtual art and crafting event focused on celebrating the intersection of faith and art. With … Continue reading TruthScrap2016

Did you come from Blogger?

Good Morning!! It's Tuesday. It's Cold. And I really would like to get back in the nice warm bed. But I won't.   Did you see my post over at the other blog on Blogspot???? No? Well, have a good day! Thanks for stopping by.   Yes??? Let me know that you did down in … Continue reading Did you come from Blogger?

2016 Documented Life Project: Week 2

Friday already! I finally have something to post about my unPlanner. The beginning of the week was not a fun one. Not worth talking about, but by Thursday it was better and I got some things done in my planner. Week two’s prompt was Choose a Quote & Cover All But One Word. First I … Continue reading 2016 Documented Life Project: Week 2

A Creative Mess

  Saturday the new prompts come out for the Documented Life Project. I waited and watched with the other thousands of people waiting and watching for the prompt to come out. I was going to have a nice relaxing art day, but the morning went by and the afternoon went by and it’s six thirty … Continue reading A Creative Mess