2016 Documented Life Project-the unPlanner

I don’t know if I will post every week here on the blog because my unPlanner isn’t quite planned yet and I don’t know what all will be in it! But that is the whole idea, right?

I have started the New Year out right… sick as a dog… so I’m letting myself soak in all the lovely chatter and sharing on the DLP page and just do what I can do.

I started out with a little gelli plate playing, cultivating some ideas for how I would like to decorate the cover of the first half of the planner (I hear tell that we will need two of them this year and that sounds so exciting!)

I started with a stencil and then some paint… still a work in progress.

I love to organize. It might not look like it around here, but the simple organization of a calendar is relaxing. I, however, can’t just have one calendar. I have one for this, one for that, maybe one for something else.

Hopefully, this one unPlanner will take care of a couple of those things.

I’m not keeping track of the bills in this one, though. I’m just not.

I spent a couple of days in bed with the horrible whatever-it-is I have, but couldn’t resist sitting up at the art table for a while on New Year’s Day and start setting up my January section. My brain was mush and I just kept looking at this and looking at that, so I decided to keep it simple. I used some beautiful paper I had gotten last year, or the year before, or it could have been this year. Who knows.

Here is the first page inside the book.

Not my art work! Can you guess who’s it is? I bet you can.

 I made a tag and did some stitching around it. Again, not my art work. Well, it’s kind of mine. I bought it. You get it.

Then I made a little sign to remember the project in years to come, but after a bit of reflection, figured out why it looked wrong!

The stamp set I used is only lower-case letters, so DLP looks like dip!

dip 2016!!

Well, I felt like a dip so I left it.

A good chuckle for the rest of the year.

And a quick look at the weekly page inside.

I had to include pictures of my girls right in the front. They are always in the front of my thoughts and I love them so much. So there they are.

Then I was really proud of my little piece of art!

I may or may not share the meaning of the art, but my 16 is hidden there in plain sight; the day I turned 16.

Thanks for looking!

Happy unPlanning!