Documented Life: Going Out On a Limb; Trying Something New

When the first prompts came out for this years DLP, I was happy to get started and eager to get back into some art. My brain, however, being fogged with the cold or flu or whatever it is I have, didn’t really think about what the prompts were. So I just put stuff together. And it was fun! I love it! I’m not going to change it, but I am, however, revisiting some of the things.

Like our monthly theme:

Going out on a limb; trying something new.

Along with the Documented Life Project I am also participating in the Documented Faith Project. I have been prodded and coaxed and longing to get back to my faith. Someone has been gently (or maybe not too gently) kicking my rear end to remember that I cannot handle all my struggles alone. So I’m listening. And I’m doing my best. I kept going back to the Documented Faith page and reading and really enjoying what was going on and I decided that this was something that would help me.

I recently did the online workshop Bible Journaling & Lettering Inside & Outside the Margins. At first it was because I just LOVE Stephanie Ackerman’s hand writing. I know. But it’s true.

I LOVED the workshop! She is so talented and inspiring. Most importantly, the things she said in the workshop just really hit home for me.

I have often said that I am a recovering perfectionist, but that perfectionist attitude doesn’t completely go away. That is probably why I am so hard on myself so often. Stephanie tells us over and over… it’s not perfect. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s a way of praising God with a gift we’ve been given; creativity.

And you know, I know this. We probably all know this. But sometimes we just don’t LISTEN. Sometimes we need a different voice to tell us.

This new year that voice was Stephanie Ackerman’s for me.

So, I really am not stalking her.

I’m not!


But I have to admit, I admire her and all the great artists that have inspired me through the Art to the 5th group!

SO! On to trying something new:

Here is my first ‘doodle’ using the technique’s from the Bible Journaling workshop.

Home in my Heart

It’s not perfect.

And I love it!

I am so proud of myself!

Here it is with some colored pencil addition.

Home colored


The going out on the limb part for me is posting this right here for you all to see!

I also invite you to save it and color one for yourself if you’d like!

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