A Creative Mess



Saturday the new prompts come out for the Documented Life Project. I waited and watched with the other thousands of people waiting and watching for the prompt to come out. I was going to have a nice relaxing art day, but the morning went by and the afternoon went by and it’s six thirty now and my art table is just a lonely pile of stuff waiting to be taken care of.

See, instead of an art day, my sweet husband helped me all around the house; moving furniture, cleaning carpets, and whatever else needed to be done.

The front room of our house is supposed to be a formal dining room. We don’t need a formal dining room, so when we moved in I made it another livingroom with nice comfy furniture and no tv. A place to sit and relax. Read. Whatever.

But we didn’t use it.

Annabell did.

The dog.

So, now I am making the front room a workshop area to have scrapbook get-togethers, classes, and just plain fun art stuff!

And then people don’t have to go upstairs to the art loft to play. Unless they want to, of course.

Most of the house is in quite a bit of disarray right now, but that’s okay. Need to make a mess to get it straightened out.

What? That doesn’t happen to you?


Well, I’m off to sort through some stuff that got moved here and there.