2016 Documented Life


I can hardly believe January will be coming to an end soon!

I’ve been working in my unPlanner little by little, and have to admit, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

The idea is wonderful! I really love it! I have just been having trouble getting into the groove, the flow, the habit.

I think what has stumped me, is how to ‘art’ it up as I want and keep track of my daily and weekly things. I don’t really want all the stuff I jot down in my planner to be there forever. I need a lot of reminders throughthout the day and a lot of times it is things I don’t necessarily need to remember forever. Writing them down with the art already in place makes me rethink whether or not I want to write it down.

So, I think from now on I will do my pages at the beginning of the new week. That way I can document everything all week long, but edit what I want to ‘save’ on the calendar forever. Ultimately, this, along with all my other journals, scrapbooking albums and art journals will be here for my daughters to find, read and keep for themselves. I’m sure they don’t want to read my notes on my calendar that remind me to take my meds and clean the toilets or go for a mammogram. (gotta write that down for the 5th of February.) (See?)

So, here are my pages for the week of the 18th through the 24th. I just finished them up.

I used some ‘Project Life’ blank cards to put my days of the week. I was just not into art this week, so I used some fabulous paper I got from an Art to the 5th artist a couple of years ago to cover my page and attached the cards to it with washi tape. There wasn’t a whole lot going on this week!


Under the cards was plenty of room to journal about the week.


The weekend was a lot of fun! Not only was it our weekend to spend time with our ‘Savannah’ grandchildren,


I participated in TruthScraps2016 on Saturday.

SO much fun! Totally got me back into wanting to be creative! Tons of techniques and inspiration all day long.


Our List Ten this month was jot down 10 books you’ve read that changed your life. That was a hard one and my list is not complete, because, frankly, I can’t remember all the books I’ve read, so obviously, there wasn’t too many that ‘changed’ my life.

And I can’t find my list. I had a book that I wrote down all I’d read starting back in 1994, I think. Can’t find it.

I left some lines blank so I can add to it! (I need to read more.)

List Ten Books

The art prompt this week was to use words from a magazine in your art. I have two big boxes full of old magazines, maps, ads, etc., that we’ve collected just for this kind of project. I sat down with a stack of magazines and started tearing out text and pictures, whatever caught my attention. Not too much thought in it, just waited for something to pop out at me.

Here is what I came up with.

Your Dream Your Story

Hope you enjoyed looking! If you want to know more and join in on the fun, head over to Art to the 5th and come play with us!