What? NO Pictures??

So my blog posts have been piling up… in my head.

I’ve had a bit of trouble getting my pictures onto the computer.

Everything was running a bit too smoothly in the tech department and someone or something decided to throw a monkey wrench in the plan.

There’s a problem with Windows 10 apparently that is affecting the syncing of my phone to the computer when I plug it in. I did my due diligence and searched for a couple of hours only to learn that I probably can’t fix it.

So I went to bed.

Around midnight.

This morning I was hoping the computer fairies would have paid a visit, but they didn’t.

I have finally got the pictures on the computer, though!

So I will be preparing my posts for Documented Life and some fun art journaling I’ve been doing!

For today, though, I’ll leave you with this…


This is Bill’s driver. She picked him up at Heathrow. I don’t think she was pleased when he asked to take her picture. She didn’t understand he wanted her to hold up the sign with his name on it.

‘Cuz we asked him to.

Oh, I’ll have the pictures from Bill that he took during his few days in the UK.