Art Journaling Through Proverbs

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share with you something I am participating in that included time with God, paint, and messy painty fingers.

Sue Wojtkowski has started a 12-week journey that involves art through Proverbs. I have been following her on her blog and seeing her around the art world for a while, so I had to jump on her band wagon (cuz wagons can be fun)  and participate in learning more about Proverbs and maybe get some art lessons in the mix, too.

You can find her blog HERE>>>>> Irreversibly Moi

I linked up the page for Journaling through Proverbs, but make sure you spend some time and explore her home there. I love it.

Since I really want to support her in her venture, I am not going to give all the details, but I would like to show you my page for the first week. I encourage you to check out her blog, read what this is about and if it speaks to you, please join us!


I used some techniques I hadn’t done before and I’m really happy how it turned out, despite the fact that none of my pens would work for the scripture. I ended up using my black Stabilo pencil. You can still see the faint pencil line I used for sketching out the words still, but I don’t care.

I used an old ledger to work in and may have to rethink that. The pages got wet and are really thin, but it will work out I guess. Despite prepping the pages ahead of time they were pretty flimsy. I added a piece of cardstock to the back of the page the tree is on to firm it up some.

Here are some pictures of how it went from beginning to end. I’m pretty new at this stuff, but I think it turned out beautifully!


I prepped the paper with Gesso, then used Gelato’s to make the back ground. First just scribbled some color on the pages. They’re like big, soft crayons (kind of) so it was fun.


After blending the colors it was REALLY BRIGHT!!! Pretty, but a little bright.


I toned it down using white acrylic paint and played with stencils.

Love messy painty fingers.
Page out of a Nat’l Geographic Magazine


I cut the tree out of the magazine, making sure to save the elephant picture for my daughter. She will use that later, I’m sure. I added a couple of my own ‘branches’ while cutting out the picture.

I glued it onto my page with some matte gel medium and started painting over it, hoping it would look a little like a tree by the time I got through with it.


I took a picture with my phone to have in front of me for reference in shading and color.

Not too bad for a first attempt, I think.


The white ‘glops’ you see on the edge of the tree is the matte gel medium I put on thickly so I wouldn’t smear the black pencil lines around the tree. I sprayed it with a fixative, too, because I used the water soluble Stabilo pencil for the lettering.

I notched a couple holes in the truck of the tree and thread my ribbon through so I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to glue it on, and tied a nice little bow.

I am looking forward to our next journey in Proverbs! Hope you’ll join us!

Thank you for looking!