My Top 5 Pins on Pinterest!

I remember when Pinterest first caught my interest. I didn’t really understand what it was all about, but I started adding things here and there. I’d figure it out later.

Well, now I have oodles and oodles of pins on my boards and visiters and followers.

It occured to me one day that those boards may need to be thinned out.

I have never gone back and really looked at my pins in detail to see if the links still work and, gee, don’t you think I should?

I get frustrated sometimes when browsing through Pinterest when the links don’t work, or they go to Flickr, because I can’t figure out Flickr and my journey from Pin to actual destination is frought with side roads, road construction and sometimes just a dive off a cliff I didn’t see coming.

And I wanted to see how THAT was made!

So I started with my board for digital art. I knew it was probably full of links that went no where because I had noticed quite a few stores online going out of business. (sad)

There were TONS of links that didn’t work.

But I think I got it all cleaned up.

I decided to see what kind of pins people liked from my Pinterest page and here are the top 5.

1.Fox Punch Art


2. Cardinal Punch Art


3. Scrap Card


4. Explosion Box Video


5 Flat Braid Joining



Interesting that 4 out of 5 are for cards and 1 for crocheting. I mean, I have boards for art and mixed media, which is art, so, yeah, redundant statement. Boards for, well, all kinds of things!

If you love browsing Pinterest, follow me over there; yeah, over there on the side is a Pinterest button! Be adventurous! Don’t just browse the feed, hop on some boards and check them out! I’m going to go browse my own boards and remember all the pins I’ve forgotten.

If you find a pin on my boards that don’t link up properly, please let me know! I HaTe it when that happens!