Another Day at a Zoo!

As you know, the itch to drive somewhere other than my usual weekly errands comes upon me quite often. I don’t always get to go somewhere too far from home, but sometimes we venture hither and yon to see what we can see.

This week we were going to go to Charleston to the Magnolia Plantation, but thought the flowers weren’t in full bloom quite yet. Pushing that on the calendar a couple more weeks, I think.

We’ve been wanting to see some different zoo’s and the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina is just about the same distance from Savannah as the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida!

So, we went there!

Tuesday promised a beautiful day, so we got up and out of the house, a little later than I would have liked, but Mary and I were both dragging a bit. We hit the road! Didn’t have to stop and fill up the car because my sweet husband did that for me the night before.

We had a nice drive up there and, thanks to GPS,  and a coffee and apple fritter from Dunkin’, drove right to it with no problems whatsoever.

I had printed our tickets at home so we got right in. There wasn’t a huge crowd. It was Tuesday. The stroller crowd was large! I love seeing all the the little kids with their wide eyes of wonder at the animals.

We took tons of pictures and wandered around the whole day! Headed to the gate at 10 to 5, just enough time to mill about the gift shop and pick up a few postcards.

Mary took over a thousand pictures on her camera and I have about a hundred that I took with my phone.

No, I won’t post them all here.

Just some favorites.

The big hit of the day was feeding the giraffes! It was so fun!


Mary was SO happy to be able to pet the giraffe!!!


We had great fun watching the elephants, too! They seemed to be enjoying the water and the dirt equally.


Here are more of my favorites. There are SO many great pictures that Mary took. And I took some great pictures of Mary!


Need to plan a new zoo trip! Mary wants to go to the Tampa Zoo next!