Have you heard this song? Sung by Big Daddy Weave. I hear the beginning piano strains and I know what song it is long before they start singing. When I first heard it so many words within the lyrics caught my attention. Struggles. Ghosts of my past. How long. Unworthy. Shame. Regret. All these words struck a blow day after day of my life. Pummeling … Continue reading Redeemed

The Story Part 2

  The embers are still warm. The fire is still capable of flaring up, but it doesn’t always. It isn’t only the bad I remember. I remember the excitement of going somewhere with Dad. Just me. Not all of us. Just Dad and I. Many times we would head over to his parent’s house. Seeing Grandma and Grandpa Yates was always a good thing. Underneath, … Continue reading The Story Part 2