Have you heard this song? Sung by Big Daddy Weave. I hear the beginning piano strains and I know what song it is long before they start singing. When I first heard it so many words within the lyrics caught my attention. Struggles. Ghosts of my past. How long. Unworthy. Shame. Regret. All these words … Continue reading Redeemed

Lab Adventures

It’s been two weeks now with this little darling in the house. No, the dog. We’ve had Mary for a while now. We’ve had a few bumps along the way. Maddie is playing with her a lot now and it sounds like a herd of elephants falling down the stairs when their antics take them … Continue reading Lab Adventures

The Story Part 2

  The embers are still warm. The fire is still capable of flaring up, but it doesn’t always. It isn’t only the bad I remember. I remember the excitement of going somewhere with Dad. Just me. Not all of us. Just Dad and I. Many times we would head over to his parent’s house. Seeing … Continue reading The Story Part 2

Ellie is in the house!

Mary started working recently and the deal was this; your first paycheck you can do anything you want with, then you have to be a grown up. She got her first check on April first and she had Saturday off, so off we went! First stop was to go to PetSmart to buy Maddie and … Continue reading Ellie is in the house!

The Story Part 1

I love to write. I have written a lot over the years, but now I am starting at the beginning. I think. I’m writing for myself and sharing it here with whoever wants to read it. Maybe it can help someone, but I am writing for me. To think it through. To lay it to … Continue reading The Story Part 1