Ellie is in the house!

Mary started working recently and the deal was this; your first paycheck you can do anything you want with, then you have to be a grown up.

She got her first check on April first and she had Saturday off, so off we went! First stop was to go to PetSmart to buy Maddie and Annabell a new bone to chew on, then we were headed to the outlets in Pooler, then up to Bluffton, SC to the outlet stores there to see what she could find. She had clothes, shoes and a new purse on her list and a few handy dandy coupons for the Tanger Outlets.

Bill was off to get new tires on the Explorer. It had been running on a wing and a prayer for quite a while and it was time. He dropped off the truck and walked over to get his hair cut.

As Mary and I pulled into the PetSmart parking lot I noticed this old guy standing behind a parked car texting. I didn’t think it was a good idea to be texting standing half way into the way of the traffic. I thought, ‘Hey, he looks like Bill.’

Well, it WAS Bill! Mary had just sent him a silly text telling him we were stalking him because we saw the Explorer around the block at the tire place.

So, Bill went in with us to PetSmart. He and I both knew that Saturday was pet adoption day there.

And, oh Lord. There were Lab puppies. Lab puppies and a bunch of other dogs all there with happy faces and wagging tails delighting in all the attention.

Mary was a goner.

She pet and played with all the Lab puppies, giving just a tiny bit more attention to them than the other dogs all around her.

Half an hour went by and I joked with her, “Shopping or …….”

“Puppy!” she shouted, pure glee in her face and sparkle in her eye.

She unequivocally stated she would definitely use her paycheck to buy a new Lab puppy.

Price was discussed. Policy was discussed. Threats were made (by me regarding care and poop patrol). Papers were filled out. Plans were made.

We didn’t go to Bluffton, but went into Savannah instead because we were now shopping for puppy stuff instead of Mary stuff.

A home visit was scheduled for Wednesday to introduce the new pup to our dogs and to make sure the house was suitable; no secret puppy mill or animal abuse here, thank you very much. And on Friday, Mary and Bill got to go and pick up the new bundle of joy at PetSmart.

Bill and Mary at Petsmart

I think both Mary and the new pup are very happy.


Her foster dad named her Kealoha, but she is Ellie for us. I hope she doesn’t mind.

She is getting along quite nicely with our girls. There are little bouts of playtime and then Annabell pretty much ignores her. She is, however, the prima donna of the house so it was to be expected. Maddie is a bit confused, I think, seeing a miniature of herself in the house, but she has been really good, too. A few growls and raising of the hackles a couple of times when Maddie was not wanting to share her humans during play time, but that is also to be expected.

I think Ellie will fit in quite nicely.

And any donations of poop bags would be greatly appreciated.