Lab Adventures

It’s been two weeks now with this little darling in the house.


No, the dog. We’ve had Mary for a while now.

We’ve had a few bumps along the way. Maddie is playing with her a lot now and it sounds like a herd of elephants falling down the stairs when their antics take them from upstairs down.

Annabell is calming down, but she is really not interested. Her growl toward Ellie is serious business. She is letting us all know that she is not happy about not being consulted in this matter. She hasn’t connected, but has snapped at the pup, letting her know that she is not ready to be friends. And that’s okay. Ellie is learning to leave her alone.


Ellie is quite comfortable in her ‘terrible two’ stage. So far the damage consists of:

First thing Ellie chewed up.

1 TV remote; just the back cover. She popped it off and chewed a bit on it. I was terrified that she ate a battery, but I found them both. The remote now resides out of her reach at all times.


1 kennel pad. I think she just got bored. There was enough strewn around that I don’t think she ate too much of it and there was no evidence of any residual foam in the back yard while performing ‘puppy duty’.

1 crocheted afghan: She found the corner of a red and black afghan hanging down and probably thought it was good to floss her teeth. We did find a bit of evidence of that out in the back yard during ‘puppy duty’.

They are all learning to leave each other’s food bowl alone. Ellie does a fly by and steals a morsel from Maddie and Anna’s bowl, but there has been no real issues. Sometimes it is more than a morsel. She swoops in like a pelican diving into the ocean and drops a mouthful of food on the floor to munch in the comfort of the living room carpet. Maddie will growl a bit if she is at her bowl when Ellie strolls by, but if she’s not right by the bowl when Ellie is thieving she just watches her, waits until she is gone and then goes and checks the inventory. Annabell gets a bit of special treatment with her food. We have to pick it up because she’s a nibbler. She eats a bit now, a bit later, whenever she’s hungry. But Ellie will clean her little bowl out in a flash, so Annabell gets to have her bowl here or there whenever Ellie is asleep and not stalking the bowl.

Potty training is going well! (Thank God for the invention of carpet cleaners.) Since Ellie was already 4 months old when we got her and with all the confusion of coming to a new home, we knew there would be accidents. She’s slowly learning how to ask to go out, but we take her out after every meal, every nap and every play time.

I think she’s actually training us.

With teething in full swing our most often direction to her other than ‘potty outside’ is ‘Don’t eat the house!’

Laying at the top of the stairs it is just too convenient to chew on the carpet a bit.

Don’t eat the house, Ellie!

Lounging over the back of the couch, big paws hanging over the back, watching us in the kitchen…

Don’t eat the house, Ellie!

This morning on the patio upstairs, enjoying my coffee and the sunshine, I hear nibble, nibble, nibble on the banister.

Don’t eat the house, Ellie!

After every admonition about eating the house we insert a chew bone in her mouth.

She’ll get it.

All in all, she is doing really well; growing in leaps and bounds and fitting right into the pack.

All the dogs in a row