Baby Ellie: Shredder of Slippers

It has been 7 weeks since Ellie, a.k.a. KeAloha, came to live with us! (Really? Is that all?) We have had so much fun with her! Yes, it’s been frustrating and aggravating at times, too, but that’s okay. The carpet cleaner has had a good work out, but she is getting better about training us as to when she needs to go outside.

So far, she hasn’t eaten much of the house. We use that as an all inclusive command, “Ellie, don’t eat the house!” This can mean the couch, the rug, the stairs the other dogs, whatever she seems to be chewing on at the moment.

And slippers. And flip-flops. She LOVES flip flops.

She has discovered her bark.

As a matter of fact she has been barking continuously for the last 10 minutes or so. Right now it sounds like she is downstairs in the kitchen barking at the new water bowl.  Half an hour ago she was barking at Maddie wanting the bone she had. Cuz it’s better. And she wants it. Now.

You know how little kids chant when they want attention and aren’t quite getting it?


Ellie is;

‘Bark!Bark!Bark!Bark!Bark!’ until Maddie just gives up and walks away from the bone.

(Now she’s barking but has an intermittent growl in the mix… sounds cute!)

In about a week the installation of a fence in the back yard will begin! I am so happy! Right now we take the dogs out and put them on leads so they don’t leave the yard. Annabell doesn’t really need one until someone walks down the sidewalk. Then, as her job of High Princess of the neighborhood, she must greet them. People don’t always want to be greeted. They haven’t prepared for this impromptu visit from the High Princess of the house of Anthony.

So, a fence will be wonderful! For us and the dogs.

And the neighbor who will occasionally find Annabell in the her house if her kids leave the door open.

We are hoping that Ellie will not learn how to jump the fence. I’m going to keep her on her lead for a while when we are out there so she can learn her boundaries. They’re never left outside without supervision, anyway, and that will continue for the most part once the fence is up, but one day I received a disturbing text from Bill.

Mary and I were in the mall and my phone beeps.

“Ellie just jumped OVER the couch, from back to front, and didn’t touch it.”


(She’s barking in the kitchen again.)

I have shared a bunch of pictures on Facebook, but I thought I’d put a little baby album here. She’s growing fast. We don’t know what she’s mixed with, but Mary thinks that there is some Great Dane in there.


Or blood hound. This can explain the holes that appear in the yard within seconds of her nose finding something interesting.

Bedtime stories with SushiCan we get out nowDinner timeLines of PupsPack of LabsPile of sleeping puppiesSweet face.Tired puppy.

The above pictures are all from her foster family. They are awesome people! They had all five of the pups from one litter. All of them have found forever homes now!

Bill and Mary at PetsmartEllie coming to her new home.

The day Mary got to bring the new pup home was very exciting as you can see by Mary’s happy face!

IMG_3280IMG_3288IMG_3698IMG_3716 (1)IMG_3729IMG_3851

Maddie has fully accepted the role of big sister and the two of them play a lot! Maddie does make her point when she has had enough, but they are fast becoming best friends.

Annabell, however, does not feel it is within her scope of High Princess to play with such a thing, so she doesn’t. She is getting less grumpy about it, though.

I think she is just too cute for words, too. Of course, Mary believes she is the favorite of the Labs, we just don’t tell her that it’s actually me.

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