The Savannah Lunch Truck Festival


Sounded fun.

So we went!

Downtown Savannah on the first Sunday in June.

There are going to be a ton of people.

And there were!

We parked in one of two parking structures we use in Savannah depending on which side of town we need, and walked on down to Bay Street and Emmet Park where the lunch trucks were lined up, along with a dozen port-a-johns and about 7,000 people.

Man there were a lot of people there! In lines that were not only going all the way to the road, but swerving and looping around the park so they didn’t go out in the road.

And it was hot and muggy with the threat of rain, as is the norm this time of year.

I knew it would rain because we left the umbrella in the car, but in a thunderstorm the umbrella isn’t too big of a help.

We did not partake in any lunch truck food. There was no way I was going to stand in those lines. I’ve had many a meal from a lunch truck in the past in Los Angeles, but apparently these were different. They boast all different types of food, but I still wasn’t THAT interested in sampling with those lines in that heat.



There were a lot of dogs accompanying their owners here in the park. I felt bad for them! It was hot and they were waiting in those long lines and I just know the pups didn’t get any treats for their trouble. I had fun watching them, though. One had a sweater on and I wanted to slap her owner. Who puts a sweater on a dog on a hot, humid day in Savannah?


Try as I may, I couldn’t get any good pictures of the line of trucks or how packed the park was, so we went across Bay Street and climbed the stairs of a hotel parking garage to try and get some pictures from higher up. Too high, we had the trees blocking the view, so we went down one floor and got a few. The garage was at the end of the event, so I still didn’t get too many good shots.





Since we weren’t eating from one of the vendor’s we strolled down Bay St looking for someplace to have lunch. Most places were packed, of course, so we ended up at Outback Steak House for lunch. No wait; not packed; awesome air conditioning.

And lunch was good, too.