Saturday Drive

Bill and I took off Saturday morning to go check out another Georgia State Park. We were on our way to General Coffee State Park, looking forward to driving down some roads we haven’t been on before. We left Mary home with the dogs to sleep until her shift at work. Off just the two of us again? Twice in one month! Unheard of.

I had printed directions to the park, but also punched in the address to OnStar (Love OnStar, by the way) and off we went. The route took us through Hinesville and Jessup. Once through Jessup we were on roads untraveled.

The scenery was quite what I expected, nothing too terribly different except for there was very little traffic on these little highways and that is always a good thing. We read street signs and billboards and poked fun at some; always a good road trip game.

The new Equinox took the trip like a champ. I’m getting used to using the Eco button along with the cruise control to save gas. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that we had on the Cruze, it’s still fun to drive. I do miss the back up camera the Cruze had. You could see all the way around cars parked next to you in a parking lot. The Equinox has a camera, also, but without the extra side views.

We made it to the park with no trouble. It’s just outside Douglas, Georgia. We first drove the whole length of the park, checking out the campsites (not that we will be doing that anytime soon), the cabins (this may be a possibility), and the Heritage Farm.

It was hot, of course, so we didn’t venture out on the nature trails, but took a leisurely walk around the lake.


There were not too many people inhabiting the park, so it was pretty peaceful. A gathering of some sort was going on at one shelter, gearing up for some sort of celebration.

We strolled through the Heritage Farm where the most activity were the roosters making some noise, apparently ratting out the two who seemed to escape the pen.

Flew the coup!

At first we thought the chickens and roosters were the only animals to view here, but then we saw this little guy lounging in an empty flower bed or feeding trough. I don’t know what it was, but he thought it was comfortable.

No food for you, sorry

Goat found in planter

Lounging in a planter.

I know he was hoping we had something for him to nibble on, but I broke the news gently that he was out of luck.

We left him with his disappointment and headed for the path around the lake and came upon these little cuties!


They were sniffling and snorting around in the mud, enjoying the shade and not giving us the time of day.


There were some horses in a pasture beyond the pigs, but I couldn’t really get a good picture of them.

We continued around the lake and stopped on a little bridge to take this picture of us.

Selfie of us!

And off we went.




Let me just say, the air conditioning in the Equinox works really well.

We fired it up and headed to Douglas to see what there was to see and find some lunch. In days past we would have packed a lunch and found a shady spot at the park, but these days the heat, humidity and bugs that abound makes a restaurant much more appealing.

We came upon a cute little pizza and sandwich shop right in the middle of town and stopped in to give it a try. It was really good! I forgot to take a picture. Sorry.

But outside the window I noticed something and I had to take a picture. If you’re at all familiar with the computer game SIMs, I thought this might be a hidden gem.


The house is awesome! Love it! Until I read the sign.


Now we know where the SIMs people go when you don’t take care of them.

We found two things that made me stop and go back and grab a picture.

This is an awesome little bank!

Awesome Bank in Alma, GA

And this barn somewhere on the way to Douglas.

Barney Fife

Wished the election signs weren’t there. I hate election signs.

All in all we had a really fun day! We got home just in time to see Mary before she headed off to work!

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed our little trip!