How to Keep a Lab Quiet?Please Advise

It’s taking this old mom some time to adjust to our routine these days. Mary is working nights a lot, much to her dismay, and she doesn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning.

My mom instincts are still intact. I ask her to text me when she’s on her way home. I hear the text and respond most nights, then I’ll wake up later and see the lights downstairs are out. I know she’s home.

Bill worked nights many years ago, when Dayna was just little and I always worried we would wake him up, but he never admitted we did if he happened to stumble out into the kitchen. He was usually just hungry.

Now that Mary is sleeping during the day I worry again. Instead of a toddler running around I now have two giant Labradors that like to race up and down the stairs, full throttle, tails banging the walls as they wag and thump all the way up… or down.


Makes for an interesting day.

I haven’t figured out how to get some things done since they’re noisy, like vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher, and such things, but it’s not like I’m broken hearted over that.

I haven’t put any pictures together in a scrapbook for such a long time! I want to remedy that. I started putting some together yesterday, but it was so hard! Every time I start working on albums after a long time it takes me forever to get back into the swing of it.

But, here’s a start!

Patricia's birthday 2016

Starting out with a layout of my dear friend’s birthday!

I recently got the Soiree Collection from Creative Memories and had to use it for this special layout!

(Click on the picture to go to my Creative Memories page and see all the lovely papers!)


I’m going to go work on that layout now and decide when I’m going for a walk. It’s a walk day. It’s August.

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