A Moonlight Walk on Tybee Island

Saturday morning Bill was up and out of the house bright and early, dressed for another run. All the races he participates in are usually benefiting a charity or cause of some sort. This day’s run is to raise money for the Treutlen House. (click on the link or the photo below to read more about this).

2016 Summer's End Trail Run

I, half thought of going. Yeah. Half. I want to go on a 5k; to walk, not run, but haven’t yet. The last one I signed up for was the Gulfstream 5k, but after short work of a really long drive home from Wisconsin, I was not up to hauling my behind out of bed the next day to go walking around Gulfstream. This one I wanted to do because I have started walking regularly, even though I’m only a week in to this regimen, and because it was set in a beautiful area full of nature and trees, not just a sweaty jaunt on asphalt blocking traffic.

But I didn’t go.

Mary and I had hair appointments at 11:30, that had been made in advance, to get our hair cut. For Mary it was to be for easier manageability for work, not having to wind her extremely long, full hair into a bun every day so as not to find it in every inch of Arby’s; for me it was to cut mine as short as possible without being labeled bald so I don’t have long, stringy, grey, dripping with sweat hair every time I go our for my walk. It’s too short to put up; too long to not be a nightmare.


Our hairstylist first postponed, then canceled our appointments. Sick baby. No problem. Much more important than hair. See you next week.

The day went by with Mary getting up early for no reason other than recuperate from closing all week at work and cuddling with her pups. I worked on laundry, Bill worked in the yard and by evening we were all ready to do something.

We decided on a moonlight walk at Tybee.


Isn’t that a beautiful picture? Gorgeous!

I didn’t take it.

Nope. Stole it off the internet.

Here’s the disclaimer: This is NOT my photo. I could not find the owner’s name. Stole it from here: http://visittybee.com/

Here’s mine.


You can see why I had to steal one.

For reference, this is a picture of the moon. Duh. The pier and waves. In the dark. Love my iPhone. Wish I could learn how to use it better.

The walk was good, though. It was still absurdly hot, but the breeze on the beach was refreshing. Tybee was still jumping this hot Saturday in August with vacationers on the beach and in the bars.

Many families were out enjoying the breeze. We found children sitting in the sand, carefully guarded by adults, as the waves gently rolled onto shore. One man was trying his luck with a metal detector searching for lost treasure in the sand. We just enjoyed the walk along the edge of the water, feet wet in the warm ocean waves.

We didn’t stay long, but just enough to relax and wash away the sticky, humid air that had filled the day. As we left the temperature at a quarter after ten was still a stupid 86 degrees, but we had a good little getaway from the house.

We returned home to find the puppy had not (yet) eaten any furniture, washed the sand from our feet and went to bed.

It was a good stroll.