Study Buddies & Denim Blues

Creative Memories has a couple new, awesome albums out this month! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Even though my girls are out of school, I have tons of school pictures to get in albums along with all the school events, school friends and band pictures to do!

(from the email I rec’d from Creative Memories)

Introducing Study Buddies


This new Collection will have Moms everywhere doing a happy dance. First day pics, friends, activities, report cards…all will look fabulous against Study Buddies’ friendly colors and designs.

The Collection includes: 12×12 foiled bookcloth Fast2Fab Album, Predesigned Refill Pages, Paper Pack, Slide-In Pack, Stickers and Embellishments.

You’ll also have a Bundle with a complete Fast2Fab, Embellishments, Black Pen & Tape Runner…plus savings!


Here is everything that is new this month! Creative Memories is back and is staying strong! I am so glad.


You can find everything on my website! Click on this picture of the new cardstock colors and it will take you right there!


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