Who Wants to go to London?

Well, we all do, right?

But more importantly, my cousin’s daughter wants to go to London! (So she’s my 2nd cousin? I don’t know. It’s family.)

Go here to read about it…. Yes! Right now! Click on that link! Or this one>>>HERE

Stacie has been busting her mom butt raising money to afford her daughter this awesome opportunity for months! Deadlines are coming quickly and we in the Anthony house are trying to give a helping hand.

You can donate on her GoFundMe page (from that link up there…. that one you should have looked at already) or visit my Etsy Store and see if there is some Colorful Crochet Goodness you just have to have! Shop! Browse! Christmas is coming!

(I will be adding items as I finish all the details! Madly taking pictures and posting items! So CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY!)

If nothing catches your eye, please share this with everyone you know! Get on FaceBook! Instagram! SnapChat! Email! Call a friend! Text someone!

We need to get them to London.

Here are some links for you.

Go Fund Me

Memories In The Making My Etsy Shop

My Facebook Page

All sales from my Etsy Shop will be donated to Stacie.


Thank you for reading and sharing!!

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