Pets and Pedicures

They are all very attentive when there is food involved! I love to get pictures of the whole pack when I can, though. Our three, plus the houseguests have been getting along well! Maddie, the biggest Lab, is her usual grumpy self from time to time, but I think she enjoys being grumpy sometimes. 

It’s really fun watching all of them play in the back yard! The tiny dog keeps up, bouncing and barking along with the big dogs. The big dogs are pretty good at pouncing up and over the tiny one. There have been no injuries. 

This morning I had to leave the pack for a while so I could go downtown to Spa Bleu for a much needed pedicure! When the feet start resembling a hobbit, it’s just time to go. 

It’s a cute little place right off Broughton Street in Savannah. If you’re in town and want to be pampered, stop in and ask for Lacey! 

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