Doctors Make Me Sick

I have really neglected my blog for quite some time. I know. You’ve noticed. You’ve been on Face Book, though, right? There has been a lot of posts. Probably too many. You’re probably scrolling right past them. That’s okay. Let me start from the beginning.

Back in November, Mary had a car accident. It was horrifying. The Honda was great. It did its job. The airbags went off and no one was seriously hurt. For the next two months we dealt with doctors, physical therapists and insurance companies.

Mary came through it all fine, despite the physical therapy and the guilt that riddled her because she had a friend in the car.

We thought.

In January her sinus’ started acting up. This has happened before, so off we went to the doctor and got the usual. Antibiotics and steroids.

By the end of January things weren’t getting any better.  To the doc again. A new round.

I started looking for answers. What else can I do for the poor thing? Her head was so full, the pressure was horrible and she was miserable.


I called the doctor again and asked for an appointment with the ENT. It took a week before they called me and by then I realized that we needed an allergist.

We had a humidifier going in her room, pretty much non stop, switching between just a cool mist and using the Vick’s pads to get that in the air, hoping it would help. She said it did to some extent, but wasn’t doing too much. It helped her sleep at night a bit, but her sinus’ were not clearing up.

We finally got an appointment with the allergist. March 27.

We had a good conversation with the allergist before he administered all the poisonous drops to Mary’s arms to see what she was allergic to and found out some really interesting things.


She is allergic to pretty much everything.

Mold, trees, grass, dogs, cats, dust; pretty much everything,

Good to know.

This answers so many questions, like why she sneezes every time she goes outside. Instantly.

But it didn’t give us the answer to the congestion problem. He asked us how long this particular episode had been going on and as Mary and I discussed it, the car accident came up in our recollection of the timeline.

The doctor immediately turned around and said, ‘Car accident?’

He left the room for a minute and came back with a scope to look up inside her nose.

He thought he saw polyps, but was not sure and said we were going to be sent for a CT to see what was going on there.

He started  her on allergy shots after what he saw on her arms. Apparently, her body treats grass like a venom causing a horrendous reaction.

Allergy shots every week that will, hopefully, get a handle on the congestion issues.

April 10th Mary and Bill went to her follow-up appointment to get a shot and to get the results of the CT.

Mary’s nose had been broken in the car accident.

Her glasses had been bent, but there were no outward signs of a breakage. Her face hurts all the time with the damn allergies!

So, he says that we will continue the shots and see how it goes.


See how it goes?

She is still miserable. Her sinus’ won’t drain. Her face hurts. Her head. Her neck. Her TEETH!

Tomorrow we will be heading down to the allergist’s office for her weekly shot, but there is going to be a bigger discussion going on.

This waiting to see what happens is not going to continue, considering that the MRI she had wasn’t addressed as to ‘something going on with her sinus on the right side, but looks like nothing’, no xrays were taken at the ER after the accident and it took the ALLERGIST to connect the accident to her sinus’ and did not hesitate to get a CT done.

I am just a bit pissed.



3 thoughts on “Doctors Make Me Sick

  1. I’m sooooooo sorry that you both are going through this!! When JD had his 2 strokes in 2015 it became very clear to me that we have to be our own advocates when it comes to our medical care. I was horrified at the lack of care, just horrified! What on earth happens to those whom cannot speak up for themselves or has no one to help?

  2. I can understand your frustration. Hoping you all can get to the root of the problem and get her nose fixed and those allergies under control. My son had allergy induced asthma and underwent at least 3 years of the shots. It did pay off. Hugs to Mary.