What Do You Clean With?

I started learning about how many toxic chemicals we used in every day cleaning a while back and I was really pleased using cleaning supplies that were better for our health. I wasn’t too keen on the other company, though.

Since I found Young Living and started using Thieves to clean with it has been amazing! It’s true! One bottle of Thieves can be used to clean just about everything! We haven’t tried it on everything, yet, but we are on our way!

So far, we use it for cleaning the counters, the stove, the stainless appliances. We dilute it and use as an air freshener! I spray it inside the washer to keep the yuck out of there. Bathrooms? Every inch! We even use the Thieves laundry soap. Love it!

So here is a little graphic to see all the things you can do with Thieves!everyday-oils-thieves-clean-safely

You can also go on my website and check everything out!

Savannah Oils

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