Cleaning House

Well, the kitchen, actually.

Tomorrow, June 1st, here in the Anthony house, we are starting a 30 day No Sugar, No Dairy and No Gluten diet.

No. You did not read that wrong.

I have been doing a lot of reading. You know, I don’t read fiction much anymore. I’ve been reading about essential oils, of course, but all kinds of other things have left Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other online establishments.

I’ll get a list going soon to share. I promise.

Tonights quick post is really just for this.


Mary and I worked up a couple of meal plans for the week, went off to the store to get the ingredients we needed and came home and prepped the kitchen for the month.

Mary emptied the pantry and the fridge from all the things we won’t be eating this month. There is a collection of stuff in the fridge that won’t be used and will probably go to someone who will use it.

Hope you follow along with our adventure! (it’s going to be rough. encouragement will be good)

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