So! How is the Diet Going?

Eight days in and, I suppose you can say we’re doing well.

Not having sugar is the hardest and the easiest, I guess. There isn’t any in the house. We swapped out regular 2% milk with Almond milk not too long ago. Not having bread is not so bad. I guess.

We all love vegetables, so when we decided to have our freshly sliced Boars Head meat on leafy green peices of lettuce and roll it up, it was really good the first day! Yeah! I can do this!

Second day, lettuce is brown, spotted and pretty gross despite our careful washing and storing of said lettuce.

Mary has been awesome finding meals for dinner and with her doing the planning and preparing it has been wonderful. Bill has been grilling the meat a couple of nights taking that off her plate, so to speak.

I know I should feel like this–


Doesn’t she look content? Looking for recipes with her fresh veggies all spread out, half way prepared on the counter.

I’m supposed to be cooking for the family, providing nourshment, participating in the new healthy lifestyle that we need. Really need.

But I’m a lot more like this —


I eat simple and soft. The meat is tough. It’s got stuff on it. I don’t like it.

And I feel bad about that, too.

Mary is my cheerleader and I hope she knows it has nothing to do with the cooking. She is doing awesome!!

But I have to be real.

This is really hard.

Want some more honesty?

I’m STILL working on not smoking.

I have quit SO many times I could not even count.

I think I’m doing okay, though. I slip a time or two, but doing better than I thought I would. That, I know, is because of this.


No. Doubt. In. My. Mind.

(about 2 months or so since I dropped the smokes)

All kinds of other crazy stuff in my mind right now, but I love this stuff. I may bathe in it.

All in all, it’s going okay. We have tons of room in the pantry now. This is the pantry that I hated when we moved in because there wasn’t enough room in it four years ago.

The refrigerator is pretty empty now, too, since we only buy meat and veggies for a couple of days at a time.

I know it’s going to take time. I know that my body is going through changes, but I don’t like it and that’s okay, I guess.

On the bright side, we have two trips coming up, Mary and I! Two events for Young Living and I am so excited to go! Birminham on the 24th of this month and Venice, Florida the 9th of next month.

I need a snack.