Ready for something New?

This last weekend was the convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, for Young Living. I have only been with the company a few short months, but I already know that I want to go next year!

My sweet upline couple, Denita and JD, along with countless others, shared their experiences there at the convention on Facebook with us and it was a site to see!

I wanted to share with you some of the things introduced!


A chemical free sunscreen? Yes! Don’t worry about that SPF. It’s how it should be. Questions? I have the answers, but that’s for a later post, but feel free to contact me if you want answers now.


Thank you! If you’re allergic to grass, this may not be a solution for you, but that’s pretty rare, right? I only heard of that allergy since my daughter was found allergic to… well, most of the world. I’m going to try it though!

19225486_10213240629959309_1056448347599856459_nMake up! So awesome! Since we have been SO aware of all the toxic things in ALL of the products we have used over the years and have gotten rid of almost all of them (hey, baby steps, right?) make-up was one thing that is really hard to find healthy alternatives, until now! Can’t wait to see these in person. (And I will. On Saturday!)

The best thing, though, I think about all the new things are the baby products. After looking at so many things we have gotten rid of because of the ‘yuck’ in them, I cringe at what we have always used on our babies. I didn’t know any different, but now I do and I want you to know the difference, too.


There are so many ways to start ridding your house of all the chemicals that are SO bad for our bodies. I would love to help you get started! You will definitely notice a difference.


Let me know if you want to learn more! I can help with that!



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