Ft. Stewart Baby Expo

First, let me say Thank You to all of those who stopped and visited with me on Saturday at the Ft. Stewart Baby Expo! I was honored and overjoyed to speak with so many of you. For all you do and the sacrifices made by all in the Armed Forces, I thank you.

A sweet friend told me about the Baby Expo and I’m so glad I ventured out into places unknown! I’d never done an expo before and I was just kind of flying by the seat of my pants.

I knew I wanted to showcase the new Seedlings line by Young Living along with the Kidscents line. I set about gathering the promotional information about Young Living and all the products we have to offer.

I didn’t know how to develop a display, so I gathered things from around the house that we already had and started from there. I think it actually turned out pretty nice! I also liked the fact that most everything fit into the crates so we didn’t have to carry in a ton of stuff. There were, though, a literal army of volunteers at the ready to help carry things in. One poor young man couldn’t find our table and was wandering around the room holding two crates for a while. Poor guy. (They weren’t very heavy)


The table we were assigned was bigger than I thought, so my black tablecloth didn’t fit right, so we just threw the other one over the other end and went from there.

I loved the way the little twinkle lights lit up the crates! Mary did an awesome job with that!

By the time the doors opened and the Huge line of people waiting to get in started to browse, we got busy really fast! I prepared 100 bags of info to be given out, thinking we would be bringing some home, but that was not going to happen.

I know this is going to be hard to believe and some will probably debate this statement, but I haven’t talked so much in two and a half hours ever!

I really didn’t know what I was going to say going in, but knew I needed to be short, sweet and just deliver enough facts to create curiosity. I didn’t know what that was until this room was packed with people and more strollers that the stroller factory.

It was crazy busy, mind-boggling, fast paced insanity.

And I loved it.

Many times people stopped to talk to me because there was a huge traffic jam and they couldn’t move. Worked out pretty well.

I hope I didn’t talk to much to any one person, because, you know, after a minute the glazed look comes in their eyes and I know it’s time to shut up!

If you were one of those people who I jabbered on to, I apologize. I am So excited to share Young Living and the benefits we have found as a family, I really find it hard to shut up. I’m working on that. A little.

What we need to do is get together and talk more when it’s quieter and there is coffee and something sweet involved.

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Until next time, stay Oily!