Cell Phone Do-Dads

Do you remember your first cell phone?

I do. Well, mine, not yours.

We were living in Indiana and I was working at the preschool Mary went to and I got a cell phone to keep in touch when Dayna got out of school. It was a wonderful thing! And I haven’t been without one since then.

I’ve had a several kinds, but when I finally got my iPhone 4, I was sold. I’m up to a 7 now and love it.

I used to get the sturdy case in the event I might drop it from a plane in the path of a nearby elephant, but I never really needed it. Now I have just a clear silicone cover. It’s perfect because I can see the pretty red phone underneath.

I sometimes have trouble with it slipping while texting, but it’s never hit the ground. It just makes my heart stop for a second. It’s an expensive thing and that insurance on it is, too.

Did you ever notice that if you look anything up on the internet Facebook somehow miraculously knows? I know. It’s an algorithm thing, but, ya know, I like to believe in magic.

I’ve been seeing these little things all over the place that stick to your phone and looks like a doorknob. Kind of. It runs across Facebook a lot, but I’m suspicious, so I look at it, profess how cool that seems and wonder if it really works.

Mary and I were shopping in Charleston a couple weeks back and we happened upon a store that had these handy dandy do-dads for your phone and I had a conversation with the store clerk about them and she loves them! She told me all about her experience and I was sold. Sign me up. Take my money.

1 Popsockets

That Breathe Again is Magic, too. You can find it here


This little thing is called a PopSocket. It adheres to the back of your phone so you can hold onto it. It doubles as a little stand, too. I was concerned about the adhesive and how well it held and for how long, but the store clerk said she’d never had an issue and had actually moved it a couple of times.

You can even get a mount for it to have in your car or wherever you want to hang your phone. I haven’t found a place for mine, yet, but will share when I figure it out.

She even put mine on for me! Now that’s service. She was so sweet.

I must tell you, this was the best little thing I got for my phone and it did not break the bank!

What is your favorite cell phone gadget?

I’d love to hear about YOUR first cell phone!

Take a look at it and, trust me, you’ll love it!