On the Move!

wedding pix 1

Before Bill and I got married in 1988, I lived in Los Angeles and he in San Leandro, near San Francisco. At the time of the ceremony in Lake Tahoe, we lived together in Sacramento.


I left family and those that had become family for, what I thought, was a huge distance. I made that drive up and down I-5 many times going back and forth for visits. Missing people who were more than a few minutes away by car was hard to adjust to, but I wasn’t afraid of making the drive.

In 1995 we moved out of California. The opportunity arose to move to Indiana.

Circle-Harold-Miller1- Indy

It was an exciting adventure! The new move made Bill’s commute to work change from about 115 miles each way to a little over 5 miles each way. I had never been across the country and we were eager to start new. I was really excited to experience snow! Yeah, it got old fast, considering we had more ice than snow.

It wasn’t long before we would be on the move again. The facility shut down and to keep the job, Bill had to decide where we were to go. Most choices involved more snow. Where there was a LOT of snow. We decided to head to Florida.

Sounds great, right?

Lake City, FL

I found no beautiful pictures of this place. Frankly, I’d like to forget all about this little town. Met some awesome people there! Most were not from there. A few were born and raised there and I was blessed to meet them. Most of the place is just not memorable… in a good way.

A cold wind was blowing the rumor mill around, as the contract was coming to an end at this particular facility, so Bill started putting out feelers. The thought of leaving United Airlines after 21 years was certainly intimidating for him, but his worries were short lived after a meeting at Gulfstream.


They pretty much opened the door and said, “Come on in! The job is yours!”

So he did.

And Savannah is beautiful! The history. The architecture. We’ve made a lot of memories here. What we found was that Mary is allergic to this side of the country. Trees, grass, mold; all exist in abundance here. Walk past some marsh grass? She breaks out in a huge rash. She is so allergic the allergist just about prescribed an epi-pen.

But now….


Going into his 10th year with Gulfstream he has finally gained a position that he has had his eye on, so off we go to another location! Back west, near to family and in a place they might like to come and visit us! It’s hard traveling across the country just for visits. It’s expensive. There is just not enough time or money to go anytime you want.

And not too many trees and less grass.

So begins the process. Realtors; relocation company; lenders; packing; decisions, decisions, decisions. We are blessed to have a move package to help us along the process, but we would much rather snap our fingers and be there, settled in and exploring.

Bill and I are jetting out to Vegas to look for a home soon and shortly after that trip he will be off on his own, having to start work long before the house here is sold.

I know the details will work out. It’s just a bit daunting at this moment.

So, my break from packing is done.

Back to work.