Loving Vegas!


We had waited so long for the day to come. Bill had left us in Georgia to go to his new job in Las Vegas in November. We saw him at Easter and then, finally, on May 9th, when Mary and I joined him in Nevada.

The sale of the house was taking longer than we thought. So frustrating. We decided to go ahead and rent a place in Vegas so we could be together again.

The waiting was excruciating.

I could have gotten so much accomplished, but did not have the will to work on much.

We cleaned. We waited for a showing. We cleaned. And waited.

We looked online at homes in Vegas for sale. Within a week or two they were sold. Things move fast in Vegas. Yet we waited for that person; that ONE person who would tour our home and fall in love with it.

That day came on the second day the packers were there. The house in chaos. Boxes piled up in every room.

The truck drove away with our household belongings and we waited a week before we were able to fly.

The morning of the flight, after working out all the last minute details of travel and getting the car shipped off to Nevada, my phone rings. The cargo department of Delta Airlines calls to tell me the dogs can’t fly. It will be too hot. Temperature in Vegas when we land will be 104 degrees.

Stunned. I didn’t know what to do. Daniele kept me grounded and from going into hysterics.

It ended up well. There was an awesome woman at Delta Cargo that got it worked out. The dogs left from Savannah to Atlanta as originally planned. Mary and I left about 2 hours later. The dogs, though, would stay at an animal hospital that Delta uses for all pets, when the need arises, overnight and fly out early the next morning.

I knew the dogs would be so upset with the flying, the noise, not knowing where we were at and why we left them, but the Delta employee was confident they would be well taken care of. We also had a number to check on them later.

5.10.18 Pups Arrive in LV

Bill and Mary headed to the airport the next morning to pick up the girls. They arrived safe and sound, although a bit stressed, of course, but made a full recovery. They were clean and well cared for. I know as soon as they saw Bill and Mary they were relieved and happy.

They seem to be adjusting well; happy and playful. Walk time is early in the morning when it is still cool and we make sure they’re not on the hot patio too long.

5.14.18 Sun Bathing

It’s been about six weeks now and we are settling in. Most of the boxes are gone. We’ve had a plumber out twice, a new a/c unit installed (of which we did not have to pay for) and a water filtration system installed. (Can you say Whole-Lotta-Chlorine in the water?)

Mary’s allergies have decided to stay for a while. We did drop in on the heaviest part of pollen season here, as luck would have it, but we are hoping that it won’t be a 365 day season as it is in Savannah. The water was the biggest shock! She got out of the shower when we first got here with welts all over her body. The second plumber that came told us about the water and we got right on getting the filter system. She seems to be doing better with that now.


So now I’m looking forward to getting back to the things I love! I haven’t touched a crochet hook in quite a while. We’ve been using our Young Living oils, but I haven’t been stretching my brain and learning more. So much to learn and share! (Like the new Sunscreen! OMG! Can I buy a case? I really need it here.)

Today, though, we’re off and running. Mary has a second interview. Cross those fingers! Send up good wishes! She’ll appreciate it!