Make a Note!

   I just put this cute picture up to get your attention.  I have been working on blog stuff and want to make it a fun place to come and visit, so bookmark again because I have my own domain name now!! I’m still looking for the format that I like best, so it may change a couple times.  See you again soon! Continue reading Make a Note!


This was posted on the 2016 Documented faith group I belong to this year. I took the devotion and did it up digitally for anyone to print and use. Let me know if you have trouble printing! I will try an alternative if it doesn’t work by just saving to your computer.    Continue reading Create!

On the Hook

   Another blanket on the way. What do you think of these colors? I loved the variegated in the skein and had to buy some. I tried pattern after pattern and it never looked quit right.  So I ripped them all out.  Several times.  So there are lots of these.     I will have to get more, though, to finish this thing.  Continue reading On the Hook

A New Blog Home

Every couple of years I get disgruntled with Blogger. I like Blogger. Usually. But every couple of years I have to stand up for myself, let Blogger know that I do not like the changes it is going through, head out the door and find a new home. Most times I go back to Blogger, begging forgiveness, but I don’t know about this time. We … Continue reading A New Blog Home