What Do You Clean With?

I started learning about how many toxic chemicals we used in every day cleaning a while back and I was really pleased using cleaning supplies that were better for our health. I wasn’t too keen on the other company, though. Since I found Young Living and started using Thieves to clean with it has been amazing! It’s true! One bottle of Thieves can be used … Continue reading What Do You Clean With?

As Plain as the Nose on your Face…

Or not. My last post was about the incredible discoveries the allergist made. We were off to an ENT not too many days after we saw the allergist and he announced that her nose had been broken, according to the CT. They had trouble finding someone who was still taking our insurance and taking new patients. The doctor looks at the CT and tells us … Continue reading As Plain as the Nose on your Face…

Doctors Make Me Sick

I have really neglected my blog for quite some time. I know. You’ve noticed. You’ve been on Face Book, though, right? There has been a lot of posts. Probably too many. You’re probably scrolling right past them. That’s okay. Let me start from the beginning. Back in November, Mary had a car accident. It was horrifying. The Honda was great. It did its job. The … Continue reading Doctors Make Me Sick

Pets and Pedicures

They are all very attentive when there is food involved! I love to get pictures of the whole pack when I can, though. Our three, plus the houseguests have been getting along well! Maddie, the biggest Lab, is her usual grumpy self from time to time, but I think she enjoys being grumpy sometimes.  It’s really fun watching all of them play in the back … Continue reading Pets and Pedicures

Why are they so rude?

It’s no secret to those around me that I don’t care much for most people. They are irritating. I don’t understand them. They are rude. So caught up in their own little world they are oblivious to everyday niceties. Thank you and excuse me seem to be excluded from their vocabulary. This annoys me. I try to be polite. I hold the door open for … Continue reading Why are they so rude?

A baby album with Creative Memories

  I love making baby albums as gifts for friends and family! They are quick and easy, always turn out So adorable, especially when you can add pictures of that cute little bundle of joy! Making one with Creative Memories 8 x 8 albums guarantees the receiver will love it! I have tried every photo album I could get my hands on and I always … Continue reading A baby album with Creative Memories